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Centri – NEW multi-mode sample automation & concentration platform for GC–MS

Building on 20 years of excellence and leadership in the analysis of trace organic chemicals, Markes International has introduced Centri® – a breakthrough in sample automation and concentration for GC–MS.

Centri is a multi-mode platform that combines market-leading robotics and cryogen-free analyte-trapping technologies to reliably automate sampling, pre-concentration and injection of VOCs and SVOCs, giving enhanced throughput and performance for several popular sample introduction modes:

  • HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction – Robust probe-based immersive or headspace sampling from liquids and solids.
  • Headspace and Headspace–trap – Versatile sampling from solids and liquids contained in regular headspace vials.
  • SPME and SPME–trap – Fast and sensitive sample extraction, with a range of fibre types offering analyte selectivity.
  • Thermal desorption – Using tubes packed with sorbent for sampling of low-concentration VOCs and SVOCs, or for direct desorption of small samples.

Analyte flows from all sampling modes can be concentrated on a sorbent-packed, cryogen-free focusing trap, which greatly enhances sensitivity and allows selective purging of interferents such as water and solvents.

In all modes, samples can be split and re-collected onto a clean sorbent tube, which offers numerous benefits, including greater sample security and the ability to carry out repeat analyses of a single sample.

To find out more about how Centri could transform the way you do your analysis, complete the form to download further information.



Complete the form to download further information

Centri - sample automation and concentration platform

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